Find Farm-to-Table Southern Fare at Farmers & Distillers

February 27th, 2017

Farmers & Distillers is a new farm-to-table eatery that is owned by over 42,000 farmers across the country. This restaurant draws its inspiration from George Washington, who was a farmer, distiller, and entrepreneur himself. Everything is prepared fresh on site, and the restaurant even has its own in-house, micro-batch distillery. With locally-sourced ingredients and made-from-scratch food, you’re bound to have a perfectly home cooked meal.

Their menu is an eclectic combination of American comfort food and international dishes, like hand-pulled Chinese shop style noodles and fresh dumplings. Start your meal off with a fun appetizer, like Whirley Pop, which is a huge pot of sweet and salty kettle corn. The chicken-fried rib steak comes with sautéed seasonal greens, red macaroni and cheese, and a Distillers donut on top – a great meal to try if you’d like a little dessert on the side. Farmers & Distillers also offers an extensive breakfast and brunch buffet menu.

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