Astro Doughnuts and Fried Chicken: Two American Comfort Foods Collide

December 29th, 2017

Best friends Elliot Spaisman and Jeff Halpern initially bonded over a shared love of ice hockey as kids, but as they got older, they found that they shared another passion for classic American food. To this pair, the bites that truly epitomized comfort cuisine were fresh doughnuts and crispy fried chicken. They decided to turn their love for all things fried into a career, and they opened what would eventually be called an "exemplary fryery" by TimeOut, Astro Doughnuts and Fried Chicken.

One of the branches of Astro resides right in your neighborhood near the Metro Center station. Feel free to start your meal with dessert and order a maple bacon, vanilla glazed, or creme brulee doughnut. After your sweet appetizer, dig into crunchy battered dark or white chicken in meals that range from two to eight pieces and add some kimchi cole slaw or tater tots on the side. You can also enjoy your fried chicken in the form of a sandwich topped with lettuce, tomato, and a signature house sauce.

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