Sip Japanese Teas at Bon Matcha

December 22nd, 2017

Bon Matcha offers a variety of drinks and soft serve ice cream, all of which feature the beloved stone-ground Japanese-style green tea commonly known as matcha. Everything at this charming shop is made with organic ingredients, and all of the tea leaves are hand-picked from growers in Kyoto, Japan. Using a small bowl and a bamboo whisk, the matcha powder is broken apart, staying true to the traditional method. The menu features an array of tasty drinks, all of which are made without fillers or preservatives. From the matcha latte to the matcha colada, every drink is as tasty as it is healthy.

The soft serve at Bon Matcha is truly the star of the show. Matcha flavor is always offered, and specialty seasonal flavors such as misagaru and Korean barley are also featured. Served in either a waffle cone or in a dish, these sweet treats are both unique and delicious.

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