Test Your Aim at Bad Axe Throwing

May 29th, 2018

The idea of skipping happy hour in order to do hard manual labor used to be a foreign one, but with the advent of ax-throwing as an American pastime, it's becoming more and more common. The art of ax-throwing originated in Canadian backyards long ago and recently came to the U.S. at new clubs around the country, including Bad Axe Throwing in Washington, DC.

It's an outpost of a business that originated in Canada in order to bring this rural hobby into the mainstream urban environment. Head to Bad Axe Throwing to enjoy a bit of friendly competition with fellow athletes. A staff member will show you how to safely aim and chuck an ax at the wooden target, then you're free to start throwing. See who in your party has the most natural talent and hits a bull's eye head-on.

Public Domain/Pixabay/markusspiske

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