Coming to Town on July 20: The 2019 International Colombian Festival

July 10th, 2019

Colombia is called the “land of the Sabrosura,” which loosely translates to “a magical land.” You’ll understand the nickname when you visit the 2019 International Colombian Festival on Saturday, July 20th. The bash not only celebrates Colombian culture in general, but also Colombian Independence Day—which happens to be July 20th.

Music, food, and folklore all converge at the International Colombian Festival. If you follow Colombian music, you’ll probably recognize headliner Peter Manjarres. He’s a famous singer in his native Colombia, and he’ll be joined by many other big names at the festival. You’ll also see some culturally inspired performances rooted in Colombian folklore, vendors dishing out authentic South American food, and more at the International Colombian Festival. Tickets start at $20 for general admission, but you can also buy a VIP table for up to eight people ($600 total), which includes special perks, food, and drinks.

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