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They say it’s better to give than receive, but living up to the old adage can be expensive. This holiday season, keep your wallet full—and your stress level at a minimum—by going the DIY route with your gift-giving. You don’t have to be an expert crafter or pro chef to create a gift that’s memorable and meaningful, and these ideas are proof!

Put together a gift basket. Who wouldn’t want to receive a beautifully presented gift basket during the holidays? You can customize a gift basket for every recipient on your gift list, from the foodie to the spa-goer. After deciding on a theme, grab a few inexpensive wicker baskets from the craft store, then fill it with goodies that follow the theme. For the home chef, for example, you could fill the basket with a dish towel, oven mitt, gourmet non-perishables, and a cook book.

Whip up something sweet. The holiday season isn’t complete without a bite of a homemade treat, so pick a recipe that’s easy to make in large batches, and get to work! Fudge, caramels, brownies, and cookies are always welcome gifts, especially when presented in a whimsical tin or jar that can be reused after the treat is gone.

Treat them to a day at the (home) spa. Everyone could use some tranquility during hectic holiday season, so give the gift of R&R in the form of bath and body treatments. Sugar scrubs, bath bombs, and soaps are surprisingly easy to make, and the ingredients are inexpensive and readily available. Arrange the goods in a beautiful glass jar tied with a ribbon.

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