Don’t Miss “Naked Eyes” at Artechouse in its Final Days

June 27th, 2018

Did you know that it's possible to shape and sculpt light, bending it to one's will—or rather, one's artistic ideas? Architect/musician Takami Nakamoto and illustrator Noemi Schipfer are well aware. They're the pair behind Paris-based Nonotak Studio, an artistic collaboration that designs installations exploring light and sound. You can check out some of their work right now, Naked Eyes at Artechouse.

The duo has created four awe-inspiring installations specifically for the space at Artechouse. It celebrates the complexities and capabilities of the human eye through three-dimensional masterpieces that rely entirely on light. True to its name, you can enjoy every aspect of this temporary exhibit with your naked eyes. Grab a ticket to the exhibit ($15) and check out Naked Eyes before it leaves Artechouse on July 1st.

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