Resident Appreciation Day and Holidays in June

June 6, 2023 | Uncategorized
Resident Appreciation Day and Holidays in June

It’s the most magical time of year. The time to appreciate you! That’s right, you- our residents! This June hosts Resident Appreciation Day which recognizes all of our amazing residents that call our Senate Square community their home. 

Resident Appreciation Day is, of course, the most important holiday we celebrate this month, but June is also home to plenty of other fun holidays and celebrations! 

Overall, June is the National Month of Alzheimer’s and Brain Awareness, Aquariums, Great Outdoors, and Iced Tea. Celebrate all month long or everything in one day! Maybe run a 5k in the great outdoors for Alzheimer’s and brain awareness, cool off with some iced tea, then head to an aquarium! 

June 8th is National Best Friend Day- Give your bff some extra love today! Make sure to give them a call, grab a meal, or spend all day together.

June 16th is Take a Road Trip Day- The road awaits you, the weather is warm, hop in the car, and get away.

June 18th is National Picnic Day- With the perfect weather it is the ideal time to go outside, lay a blanket down, and enjoy a meal in the sunshine.

June 27th is National Sun Glasses Day- A reminder to protect your eyes during the sunny season, so grab your favorites or get yourself a brand-new pair. 

It’s the start of summer, so make sure to make every day this June exciting, fun, and a celebration! 

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